4 thoughts on “Full Moon

    1. When you make comments like this, Joe, all I I can think of are the two cranky old guys in the rafters on The Muppets. Thank you for being my cranky old guy in the rafters, Joe! The Kmareka show would not be complete without you.

      1. Chafee brings it out in me-I may be cranky,but I’m not a nose in the air blue blood crosseyed inbred tax cheat either.I think I remember those old guys.I don’t cheat on tax-I doubt you do-why should he get away with it while practically rubbing our noses in it?I don’t know about you,but if I had a job like Governor,I’d try not to be a hypocrite.of course there’s no danger of me having to be tested at that.

  1. Long may we wave. I can’t come out with more than a sentence after 8 hours on the job, but if I don’t write I get these headaches.

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