What Would Real Mental Health Access Look Like?

In Connecticut today, the issue of mental health access, particularly for children and adolescents, is being discussed in the State House.  I hope the problem of high deductibles insurance plans will be brought up, as this is a major barrier to mental health care for the poor and middle class.

The day after a gun control hearing that lasted until nearly 3 a.m. state legislators will take up what may be an even tougher topic: addressing mental health problems in children and adolescents. – Courant.com.

2 thoughts on “What Would Real Mental Health Access Look Like?

  1. Somehow we have to make it possible and even acceptable for families of adults with mental illness to have them confined and treated against their will. It sounds harsh, but the families of such people are often terrified and in despair. I’m not sure what the right answer is, but something must be done.

  2. You can thank the social engineers in the 60’s and early 70’s who forced massive de-institutionalization programs.Instead of correcting poor conditions in numerous mental health facilities,it was deemed easier to close them and refer hundreds of thousands of people to “community treatment”meaning virtually no treatment.It meant dumping them on communities in SRO housing and then basically leaving them to “manage” on their own.I lived in a neighborhood which was a “dump zone”and it wasn’t very pleasant-actually it became dangerous and disgusting.I’ll spare you the details,but they sure didn’t(I lived in NYC then) put these folks on the Upper East Side.I think we have to confine a lot more people to secure facilities instead of trying to oppress ordinary citizens with useless feelgood gun restrictions.

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