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hot fudge

Although much belated, I wanted to post my favorite hot fudge recipe as a follow-up to my last ice cream post. Although I don’t own the Joy of Cooking, I scanned this page from my Mom’s copy (note chocolate stains on page) years ago. The recipe has been an institution in my family, and although was used most frequently as a topping for peppermint stick ice cream during the Christmases of my childhood, has found a place in my year-round dessert repertoire.

Locating that dusty bottle of corn syrup, leftover from last year’s Thanksgiving pecan pie, is probably the longest step in creating this delicacy. From there, it’s a quick moving, science experiment-esque process of boiling and bubbling together butter, chocolate, water, corn syrup, and sugar. Once done and cooled a bit, the sauce can be transferred to a glass jar, covered tightly, and stored in the refrigerator. Just a…

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