7 thoughts on “Brutal Gynecology of the Republican Party

  1. An ignorant remark without doubt-and there are others by Republicans-proving what?That some dumb people got elected on that ticket?Sheila Jackson Lee represents a district that includes NASA HQ and yet she seemed to think we had landed astronauts on Mars!!(and she’s a judge OMG)and I forget his name but some Democrat brain trust in the House was concerned about Guam “tipping over”-my point being that stupidity is an equal opportunity affliction.I really do get turned off by remarks about rape that just aren’t true-it’s one of the most horrible of crimes and its consequences shouldn’t be made more difficult than they already are for the victim

  2. I was *finally* bale to move back home to Oregon after living in Texas for almost 6 looooooong years for my job. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to be back around people who are reasonable and kind. I can’t tell you how brutal the actual culture is in that state. What you see in the news is simply the logical extension of a me-first mentality. How can I say that? Well, I certainly didn’t see much Christian-like behavior in the entire time I lived there, so I can only conclude that if rapes actually COST someone in power money OR if one of Rick Perry’s political cronies could make lots of money off rape kits and abortions, then they would not only be legal, but it would be ILLEGAL to be pregnant.

    What a awful place. How can any woman stand to live there?

  3. I guess you solved your problem and moved.I was stationed in Wichita Falls in 1967-68 in the Air Force and I liked Texas so much i volunteered for Vietnam to get out of there.In 1976 I was back there again in the Rio Grande Valley,but it was only a temporary thing

  4. Thanks for calling attention to this on the blog.
    The Democratic legislature in Rhode Island is also showing its contempt for women’s rights, the underlying reasons being that men in power, who do not have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy, are playing to the religous zealots for perceived political gain.

  5. Yes Nancy-I am pro life,in favor of WIC,in favor of Rite Care,and SNAP programs when used properly.I’m not a hypocrite on the issue of children-unlike Teresa tanzi who made a comment the other night about some legislation being “for the children” and yet being one of seven reps who voted against the Adam Walsh Law which is designed to protect children from sexual predators-many,many more children are victimzed every year by sexual assault then are ever killed wit firearms-yet these same seven abominable people used children to push their gun control agenda.Valencia,Ajello,Handy,Tanzi,Deb Ruggerio,Cimini,Ferri,What is wrong with these people?Even some very liberal legislators like Bennett,Almeida,Diaz,Williams,Finn,and Slater had enough common sense to know that enabling pedophile predators to avoid detection in the community is criminally negligent.We’re not talking Salem witch trials or The Scarlet Letter here-these are convicted offenders.And furthermore-how much money is WASTED on the bloated bureaucracy of the state that could be better spent on direct aid programs?I found myself agreeing with Linda Katz and Kate Brewster for a change when they were interviewed by Jim Taricani.Weird 🙂

  6. They were discussing the plight of the “working poor”–probably the most overlooked and crapped on people in America.Illegal aliens get more rhythm.

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