Detroit Emergency Manager: Union Workers Were “Dumb, Lazy, Happy, and Rich”

The stereotype lives on.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Electablog comments on an interview that Detroit’s emergency manager Kevyn Orr gave to the Wall Street Journal.

Orr said that the union workers who built the city’s great manufacturing base were “dumb, lazy, happy, and rich.”

This, apparently, is what he thinks caused the ruination of Detroit: All those dumb, rich working stiffs in unions.

Nothing about those dumb, rich executives who sat on their fat salaries while Japan designed a better, more fuel-efficient car.

Nothing about the happy, rich corporate executives who outsourced basic industries to low-wage countries.

Electablog says:

“What Mr. Orr seems to forget is that it was the rise of the manufacturing industry in the United States along with the labor unions that created the middle class. The men and women he degrades with this callous statement worked hard every day in the factories that built things in this country. To describe them as dumb, lazy…

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