The Deepening Caste System in Higher Education, Addendum 2


In my first two posts in this series (links provided at the end of this post), I commented on the excessive compensation being received by David Petraeus for teaching a course as an adjunct faculty member at a CUNY campus and by Gordon Gee as president of Ohio State. This post provides updates on both of those stories.

Responding to the bad press generated by his receiving $150,000 to teach a single class (and, when I say teach, I mean that he will present material during the three-hours of class meetings each week; others have been hired to respond to student questions outside of class and to assess student work for the class), David Petraeus has announced that he has agreed to teach the course for $1. This gesture brings to mind the industrialists whom F.D.R. recruited to manage American weapons production during World War II (the so-called “dollar-a-year men”)…

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