Dealing with Unemployment

Some solid advice for making the most out of being unemployed…

"Not About Quality"

Being unemployed sucks. Your financial and professional situation is constantly uncertain, and probably deteriorates to some degree on a daily basis. Even your social life is at risk. But it’s not all bad. You have a chance to think carefully about what kind of career you want. A suddenly open schedule during the week is an opportunity to try new things, take on new projects, or find a new hobby. Most importantly, it will end. After a long line of denials, one of many job applications will come through. And the rejections don’t matter — you only need one job.

Having recently completed a six month stretch of unemployment, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on how to handle the situation. This won’t be about how to find a job or manage your finances. Those two things are obviously important, but they are different for everyone and there…

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One thought on “Dealing with Unemployment

  1. This has some good advice for folks under and un-employed. Some advice is a challenge (eg. socializing when not employed is often avoided out of embarrassment, lack of funds, etc). Like so much in life we have to sometimes make ourselves do “the hard work” that in the end is good for us. Thanks for sharing this.

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