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Interesting post about Jamaica, and the difference between real and perceived need.

Jamaica: Political Economy

Jamaica is not a developed or industrial country. It is developing and is classified by the World Bank as ‘upper middle-income’. Many of its people live in rural areas and live off the land or sea. I remember a Jamaican colleague at the IMF, who once went on a mission to one of the then-former USSR countries, Tajikistan (low-income, according to the World Bank). By comparison with Russia or the Baltic countries, this country lagged badly in terms of its development. He had been shocked by what he’d seen of the standard of living and lifestyle. “That is the third world!” he had said. What he had tried to stress was that, despite the economic problems Jamaica had, it was really quite well off, or “We don’t have it that bad”, especially when you add the beauty of the country, its food and warm climate all year round. Of…

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