NecronomiCon to celebrate horror writer H.P. Lovecraft’s works

Folks know we have been Lovecraft fans at Kmareka for over a decade….and now this! HOORAY!!!

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — If you’ve enjoyed the works of Stephen King, seen the films “Alien” or “Prometheus,” or heard about the fictional Arkham Asylum in Batman, thank H.P. Lovecraft, the early 20th century horror writer whose work has been an inspiration to others for nearly a century.

The mythos Lovecraft created in stories such as “The Call of Cthulhu,” ”The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” and “At the Mountains of Madness,” has reached its tentacles deep into popular culture, so much that his creations and the works they inspired may be better known than the Providence writer himself.

Lovecraft’s fans want to give the writer his due, and this month are holding what they say is the largest celebration ever of his work and influence. It’s billed the “NecronomiCon,” named after a Lovecraft creation: a book that was so dark and terrible that a person could barely read a few…

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2 thoughts on “NecronomiCon to celebrate horror writer H.P. Lovecraft’s works

  1. I used to go to Dicks Books downtown. It was rumored that HP went there. Dick was at least a hundred years old, so maybe.

  2. Dick’s Books-wow-I bought some nice bound volumes of National Geographic from the 20’s there after Dick’s heirs took over for a while(I guess they were his heirs) and I paid next to nothing for them.When I was a kid in NYC I used to go to Booksellers Row in lower Manhattan and there was a place there called Stephens Book Service which carried only SF and fantasy-he got all the Arkham House stuff and I bought quite a bit of it there-I remember paying 3 or 4 dollars for Clark Ashton Smith books that I later sold for over a hundred bucks each-Smith had the better writing skills than HPL and had various story cycles which I found more imaginative the Lovecraft’s favorite Lovecraft story is The Picture in the House-nothing supernatural at all-and The Rats in the Walls.

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