Awesome Stories 1.34

Wow, this blog post is a total upper. No one is harshing on this writer’s dreams!

writing to freedom

Thriving is my overall goal in life.

Writing, photography and play are 3 key elements in that plan. What are you doing to reach your dreams and goals? Here are 9 Tips for Thriving. Maybe I need to add play! Meanwhile, read this week’s Awesome Stories for inspiration on living fully.

Thoughts from Within Poem

Watch this poignant poem set to video by Woody Harrelson. It’s powerful and thought provoking. I dislike how strongly corporations influence our lives, but can we change without a rebellion? Maybe we can scale back on consumerism and corporate sponsorships. What do you think?

Floating Houses!

Apparently there is a whole floating house movement due to concerns with rising water levels. This is a great idea for people with houses on coastal or marshy areas with rising water levels. The Bouyant Foundation Project helps people adapt their homes to rising water conditions. Their mission…

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