Terrific Tea: White Tea

White is the new green in tea…

the peaceful teen

White tea is the least processed tea available, it is not fermented and the immature leaves are picked from the Camilla Sinensis tea bush right before the buds have fully opened. White tea is full of important antioxidants especially polyphenols. Find out why you should start drinking this tea daily with the benefits it can add to your health!


Health benefits of white tea:
– Antioxidants found in white tea reduce the look of aging and support glowing healthy skin
– Fights off newly forming fat cells
– Polyphenols can protect against cancer such as colon and prostate by inhibiting tumor growth
– Can improve artery function, thin the blood and lower blood pressure
– Protects against the risk of strokes
– Aids in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol
– Promotes good cardiovascular health
– Protects the immune system by killing unneeded and dangerous bacteria and viruses

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