Kaynbred, Adam Lanza, and Wikipedia: 3 years in the basement

Because it is worth going over this until we understand how to better identify and treat people like Adam Lanza…

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

For the last years of Adam Lanza’s life, starting with his withdrawal from Connecticut State University in 2009, he was a recluse, rarely ever leaving the darkened basement of his mother’s home. Except for a brief stint at Norwalk Community College, lasting less than one semester in 2010, this period of societal darkness coincides with his sudden presence online, and the first evidence we currently have of his interest in mass shootings.

In reviewing his Wikipedia posts, their content, and his other online activities that coincide with their timestamps, we can get a picture of his developing interests in those years of solitude, even while his exact motivations remain a mystery, as his fixation on firearms and mass shootings increasingly consumed his life.

The first Wikipedia contributions from the user Kaynbred–reported to have been Adam Lanza–were not on any actual Wikipedia article. Instead, he contributed to the “talk” page…

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2 thoughts on “Kaynbred, Adam Lanza, and Wikipedia: 3 years in the basement

  1. De-institutionalization begun in the late 60’s-early 70’s led to this.Instead of modifying institutions to provide more humane care,they just closed them down and dumped hundreds of thousands of sick people onto the streets with some meds and single room housing.That worked out real well,didn’t it?

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