Thanks! Here is My Post on “Education Nation”

In case it disappears again, I am reblogging this invitation to Education Nation, which Diane Ravitch is declining. Apparently, her original post disappeared.

Diane Ravitch's blog

A reader sent me the post I wrote earlier today about “Education Nation.” After it was posted and several people tweeted it, it disappeared. I was not aware that it disappeared until someone wrote to ask why I had taken it down. Of course, I had not taken it down. But when I googled it, I got a blank 404 message–“page not found.” It was gone. But it is hard to kill a post that has been sent to thousands of readers.

Let me know if you spot any supporters of public education other than Randi and David Kirp.

Here is the original:

I Will Not Be Part of Education Nation
by dianerav

Yesterday I received an invitation to sit in the audience at NBC’s Education Nation.

I regret to say that I will decline, as I am very busy these days.

In case you want to know who will…

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