On What Makes Breaking Bad and Other Good Stories Great

Interesting analysis of Breaking Bad, which I have yet to watch, though many people have encouraged me to give it a try…


imageWhen asked how he pitched Breaking Bad to the networks, Vince Gilligan said that he wanted to take the audience on one man’s journey from “Mr. Chips (a fictional beloved school teacher) to Scarface.”    And it is this idea that makes the show compelling.  It asks the audience a question that we wish there was a clean-cut, straightforward answer to: how does a good person go bad?

Initially, we are given a protagonist (like the fictional Mr. Chips) we can all identify with, Walter White.  A man who, like many of us, desired to do what was “right” his whole life, making a few mistakes here and there, but overall, living honorably.   Unfortunately, in our society, careers centered around self-sacrifice and humility, like being a high school science teacher, are not often rewarded with riches and respect.   Yet, Walt seems content.  He loves his wife and son.  He has another…

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One thought on “On What Makes Breaking Bad and Other Good Stories Great

  1. I just started watching Season 1 on Amazon-I spent 9 years in drug enforcement but never worked any crystal meth cases-I don’t find many series that really grip me-there are two that I could not stop watching-Martin Beck-a Swedish crime drama in 26 90 minute episodes and Spiral-a French criminal justice/police series sort of like law and order but more compelling by far.There are 4 seasons as of now and you need a region free DVD player for 2 through 4-Season 1 is on Hulu and all seasons are available on DVD at Amazon.

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