Perception is Something People Care About — Chafee Caves to Angus Davis

Angus Davis feels better, so I guess everything is right and good in the fiefdom of downtown Providence.  Lame duck Governor Chafee is not feeling like having a big fight, so Angus will get his way.  As the new corporate zoning Czar for the city, I wonder if Mr. Davis would consider helping to rehabilitate the poor and downtrodden, rather than just exiling them from his high tech encampment.

Read more from Natasha Lennard at Salon.  

2 thoughts on “Perception is Something People Care About — Chafee Caves to Angus Davis

  1. Kennedy Plaza is a crossroads for a very large number of high school students each day as well as elderly.It doesn’t seem like a good mix to throw recently released offenders in with them.Oh,sure,people like Teny Gross think it’s a good idea-he knows what’s best for everyone-just ask him.
    I get a kick out of your advocacy for that idea-you’re the one who got all bent out of shape about a fight at 1 AM in your “neighborhood” where a knife may have been shown.You live in a nice area-you want the P&P office near you?I bet not.
    The best place for such a facility would be on Harris Avenue,perhaps in the old AAD building-it’s a relatively empty industrial area-plenty of parking and buses run nearby.
    You really ought to listen to yourself sometime.Maybe you’d like Alfred Brisette in your neighborhood-he is residing not far from where I live.
    Teny Gross was whining at the Statehouse about not tracking released murderers and letting the public know where they live.
    Here’s five names-Bishop,Derosa,Jett,Komrowski,and Lamoreaux.All released killers-all killed again after their release.
    I was the last officer to arrest Derosa after he tried to kill me and a Warwick detective-he was on bail for murder at the time.He eventually got out of prison and killed his ex wife and then himself.I live in the real world where people don’t change.Teny Gross has convicted killers working for him as counselors to at risk youth.Perfect choices for that.hmmm?He is a guest in this country and yet prescribes what our immigration,criminal,and gun laws should be.Try that in his home country of Israel if you aren’t a citizen there.They’d have you on a plane out in a NY minute.And they’d be right.
    You progressives won’t be happy until you completely ruin the quality of life in this state.But at least we’ll have organic veggies at farmer’s markets.

  2. Central Providence already has so many burdens, the reality is, adding to it by imposing this facility will make it even harder for the city’s downtown redevelopment, thus making it harder to provide needed services, keep crime under control, and have easier access to jobs. If presence of criminals is no problem, why not put the office in the airport (where there is so much security anyway.)

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