“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” -Ghandi

Interesting take on how hospice can inform a stronger spirituality and dedication to mindful living.


My hospice internship has been good for me in a lot of intrinsic ways.  Because I have had to confront my own death and dying beliefs and fears through helping others, I have sought my spirituality in much deeper ways than I have in the past.  No better way to celebrate and appreciate life than to be reminded how temporary it is! I also feel and think about God in a much more real way than I have in years.  I feel that He is omnipresent. I feel that life is valuable and meaningful more than my pre-hospice days. 

Another thing I have learned about hospice is the amazingly beautiful mind-body connection which gets easily over-looked in our society.  Many patients actually improve with hospice care because they get that extra attention and TLC and human touch that perhaps their life was lacking.  I believe this attests to the fact…

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