Elizabeth Warren and I

Please tell me that Elizabeth Warren is not going to be bought by the Corporate Education Reform movement. That would just be too depressing for words.

Diane Ravitch's blog

I have recently read that Senator Elizabeth Warren is a supporter of school vouchers. This made people who despise public schools, like certain hedge fund managers, tingle with joy. At last, a progressive who is as contemptuous of public education as they are! At last, someone who will support their efforts to dismantle our nation’s precious democratic institution whose doors are open to all.

About a month ago, I visited Senator Warren in her office in Washington, and she said without reservation that this was untrue.

She told me that she was, like me, a graduate of public schools. Without public education, she said, she would not be where she is today.

I gave her a copy of “Reign of Error,” which she promised to read.

Since I am writing this on an iPad from Louisville, I can’t figure out how to add the photo of me and Warren, holding…

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One thought on “Elizabeth Warren and I

  1. Well, I think Diane Ravitch just confirmed that any reports of Warren supporting charter “schools” or vouchers are not true.

    Which is what I would expect from someone like Warren, with her intelligence, insight and political bravery.

    We need to reach out more to nationally prominent politicians: governors, senators, House members and big city mayors and get them to begin advocating publicly against education privatization; a fraud that must end now!

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