Tom Hoffman: Do You Want to Know What’s Wrong with the Common Core ELA Standards?

Rhode Island’s own Tom Hoffman featured on Diane Ravitch:

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tom Hoffman, a blogger in Rhode Island, took up the challenge to explain what is wrong with the Common Core ELA standards. He does it here. He goes through them in the spirit of “close reading,” and they read like a nineteenth century approach known as “parsing,” whereby the student analyzed a sentence or a paragraph or a story in minute detail, identifying its grammatical and syntactical features. Today, promoters of the Common Core call it “critical thinking,” but if you go through Hoffman’s analysis, it sure looks like parsing, in which students are expected to read not for the joy of ideas, words, and stories, but for the interpretation and interaction of minute (and dubious) details and (possible) literary devices.

After going through exemplar texts and the questions based on them, Hoffman writes:

I am not seeking out edge cases; I’m just trying to apply the standard as written…

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