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YOUR MONEY-Bargain-hunting may lead to fewer health insurance choices | Reuters

I have heard many predictions about what health care reform will bring.  This one suggests that high end plans may be driven out of the market.

YOUR MONEY-Bargain-hunting may lead to fewer health insurance choices | Reuters.

Connecticut refuses to release Adam Lanza health records

Originally posted on Dirty Babylon:

In a bizarre justification for the Connecticut’s denial of the release of Lanza’s medical records and toxicology report, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut, Patrick Kwanashie claims that even conclusive “causal” linkage between psychiatric drugs and the shooter’s murderous behavior would be irrelevant and constitute an “illegitimate use of information.”

His dazed demeanor, thick accent and incoherent, stuttered speech make this outrageous and illogical official rationale all the more difficult to comprehend. He stated:

“No matter how the outcome of the use of antidepressants, or the causal link between the use of antidepressants and kind of violence that took place in Newtown, that’s not a legitimate use of information, that information. You can’t generalize just from one case. Even if you can conclusively establish that Adam Lanza – his murderous actions – were caused by antidepressants.

“You can’t logically from that conclude that, you know, others would commit…

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On What Makes Breaking Bad and Other Good Stories Great

Kiersten Marek:

Interesting analysis of Breaking Bad, which I have yet to watch, though many people have encouraged me to give it a try…

Originally posted on vivaviamedia:

imageWhen asked how he pitched Breaking Bad to the networks, Vince Gilligan said that he wanted to take the audience on one man’s journey from “Mr. Chips (a fictional beloved school teacher) to Scarface.”    And it is this idea that makes the show compelling.  It asks the audience a question that we wish there was a clean-cut, straightforward answer to: how does a good person go bad?

Initially, we are given a protagonist (like the fictional Mr. Chips) we can all identify with, Walter White.  A man who, like many of us, desired to do what was “right” his whole life, making a few mistakes here and there, but overall, living honorably.   Unfortunately, in our society, careers centered around self-sacrifice and humility, like being a high school science teacher, are not often rewarded with riches and respect.   Yet, Walt seems content.  He loves his wife and son.  He has another…

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Why I don’t teach anymore

Kiersten Marek:

For all my adjunct friends…

Originally posted on Bryn Greenwood:

I don’t think I’m bragging when I say that I was once an excellent Freshman Composition instructor. I did my best in Comp 2, where I taught my students how to conduct research that did not involve citing Wikipedia. I taught them skills that would serve them throughout their college careers, even into graduate school and beyond. I got great student evaluations, and my supervisors always lauded me for the quality of research essays that my students produced at the end of my rigorous but fun* research portion in Comp 2. On more than one occasion, other faculty members asked to sit in on my classes to see what I was doing, and graduate students asked for my help in improving their research and writing skills.

Unfortunately, I don’t teach anymore. I made the decision to become a full-time secretary primarily because of an environment like the one described in

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10 Careers With High Rates of Depression –

For those who wonder if they are in a high-stress, depression-prone job:

10 Careers With High Rates of Depression –

How To Tell You Work At A South African Public Hospital

Kiersten Marek:

Great inside perspective on medical training in South Africa….

Originally posted on Whispers of a Barefoot Medical Student:

South African students are trained at public hospitals – which provides for a lot of frustration, but is also the only reason we get as much experience as we do.


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Prices Set for New Health-Care Exchanges –

A must read…

Prices Set for New Health-Care Exchanges –

The Hilarious Hypocrisy of Jonathan Franzen

Kiersten Marek:

Funny….and interesting for those who follow literary culture!

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

Photo by David Shankbone, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo by David Shankbone, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Jonathan Franzen’s Guardian article – What’s Wrong With The Modern World – was such a monumental act of self-parody that I was surprised it wasn’t published in The Onion. Even his failures (to have sex with an “unbelievably pretty girl” in Munich) aren’t failures, but a decision he makes, right before shoehorning in mention of his Fulbright scholarship. Classic Franzen, you might say.

Franzen likes to think of himself as a “lefty” but he’s really what we call in Ireland a smoked salmon socialist. (In the US, you might use the term champagne socialist or limousine liberal, but the Irish term has a certain something). In other words, while he professes to believe in equality, he’s really an elitist of the worst kind.

Take his attitude to reviews. One of the (many!) things Franzen is decrying about the modern world…

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Thanks! Here is My Post on “Education Nation”

Kiersten Marek:

In case it disappears again, I am reblogging this invitation to Education Nation, which Diane Ravitch is declining. Apparently, her original post disappeared.

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

A reader sent me the post I wrote earlier today about “Education Nation.” After it was posted and several people tweeted it, it disappeared. I was not aware that it disappeared until someone wrote to ask why I had taken it down. Of course, I had not taken it down. But when I googled it, I got a blank 404 message–“page not found.” It was gone. But it is hard to kill a post that has been sent to thousands of readers.

Let me know if you spot any supporters of public education other than Randi and David Kirp.

Here is the original:

I Will Not Be Part of Education Nation
by dianerav

Yesterday I received an invitation to sit in the audience at NBC’s Education Nation.

I regret to say that I will decline, as I am very busy these days.

In case you want to know who will…

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The Perils of Out-of-Pocket Health Costs –

The good news:  once Obamacare kicks in, out of pocket health costs will be capped at about 6 K for individuals and 12 K for families.  The bad news:  you could still end up in bankrupcty if you don’t have that kind of money.  But I believe most hospitals and health care providers can put you on an extended payment plan.

The Perils of Out-of-Pocket Health Costs –


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