More Competition for Girls in College Admissions

Girls are outnumbering boys in college admissions to many US colleges. While the good news is that girls are working hard and striving for the best education possible, the scary part for parents of girls (like me) is that this trend may make college admissions increasingly competitive for girls, while boys may not run up against a comparable level of competition. This Op-Ed in The New York Times by the Dean of Admissions at Kenyon College (and a parent of a high schooler heading for college and facing ugly rejection letters) spells out just how this trend is impacting colleges and college-age girls.

Thanks to Echidne of the Snakes whose post directed me to the New York Times article. She also points out that it is not the top level colleges that have this problem, as they are able to attract a large pool of male applicants. It is the second-tier colleges where this is a growing problem. As her post also details with a table, the disproportionately high number of women is even higher for low-income blacks and hispanics, suggesting that there is a significant dearth of men in these demographic sectors applying to second-tier colleges.