Less Federal $$$ for RI, More for Republican States

Rhode Island is receiving less in Federal spending. We have gone from receiving $1.15 for every dollar paid in federal taxes in 2000, to $1.02 for every dollar paid in 2004.

One of the reasons for this trend, according to Gary Sasse of RIPEC, is that there are more high income earners in Rhode Island paying more in federal tax.

But another factor in the trend bears notice:

Of the 19 states that voted for Democrat John F. Kerry in the 2004 presidential election, 13 pay more in taxes than they receive in federal spending. Conversely, of the 31 states that voted for Republican George W. Bush, 25 receive more than they pay.

For all the Republican talk about small government, the fact is that Republican-voting states are receiving more federal dollars than Democratic-voting states.

As a voter in the upcoming Senate race in Rhode Island, this is of utmost concern to me. We need a US Senator who will go to Washington and advocate for Rhode Island to get its fair share of the federal largesse. Otherwise, along with being the smallest state in the union, we risk becoming the economic neglectarino of the union.

Our infrastructure can’t afford this. Our elderly can’t afford this. Our schools can’t afford this. The Democrats need to retake Washington and ensure that federal dollars are distributed to states equitably.