White House Press Corps Undeterred By Snow

In the photo above, White House press secretary Tony Snow appears to be receiving a communiqué from the mother ship, perhaps advising him to Abort! Abort! Or maybe he is experiencing a psychotic break, and the voices that only he hears are taunting him for having left a cushy job at Fox News to serve as lion tamer to an increasingly rebellious White House press corps. Yesterday, Tony attempted to offer his standard Snow job with regard to the Bush administration’s efforts to push through legislation that would sanction aggressive interrogation and treatment of detainees. Certain members of the press, including NBC’s David Gregory, begged to differ with Snow’s interpretive dance on the matter, in particular his stubborn refusal to acknowledge that such legislation would constitute a revision of the long-established Geneva Conventions. In the course of Snow’s mad spinning, he had the audacity to say that former Secretary of State Colin Powell—who recently expressed strong opposition to any such revision—was “confused.� Boy, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

In any regard, for more on Snow’s song and dance (which, perhaps, will soon be featured on American Idol), check out the following:

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4 thoughts on “White House Press Corps Undeterred By Snow

  1. tony snow won’t have to tame any lions in the press unless the press stands up and roars. they’re more like the kittens of the press.

  2. No, the press has a duty to question, examine, and challenge the statements, policies, and practices of those who hold elected office and who are there to serve the public interest. What use is a press that only reports what is observed and presented to them? A press that is free to be skeptical and demanding is fundamental to democracy. It is not necessarily partisan to engage in such journalistic practice.

  3. Based on the question, one fears that maybe our students isn’t learning.

    Does anyone recall the incident where Bush filed a formal complaint with the Irish Gov’t because an Irish journalist wasn’t properly “respectful.” As in, she asked pointed questions and tried to get actual, meaningful answers rather than the standard-issue dodges and evasions.

    That incident says a lot about this admin. How dare we question them? This is a democracy. Bush is an elected official. He has to answer to the people of the US. All of them. How dare they try to claim that a direct, pointed question is partisan politics? That attitude makes me really, really angry. Talk about an inflated sense of entitlement, and privilege.

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