NPR’s Radio Open Source on The US Senate Race in RI

Tomorrow night on NPR’s Radio Open Source, the topic will be the Rhode Island Senate Race and they’ve asked me to join the conversation! According to one of the program’s producers, they are interviewing Rhode Island bloggers who “can offer a perspective about Rhode Island living that will differ from what those enmeshed in the political landscape might say.” So wish me luck in my 15 minutes of radio fame, and be sure to listen to Radio Open Source Tuesday at 7 pm.

4 thoughts on “NPR’s Radio Open Source on The US Senate Race in RI

  1. You said the best thing: You can go to the corner store and run into your top poltical leaders and have a good converstaion with them. Great work.

  2. Thanks, guys. They interviewed me for over 25 minutes and what did I get, a 30 second spot? I was the token woman, I guess.

    Better than nothing. But I just have to say that I had a lot more breadth of subject matter in my interview than was covered by the other two bloggers in their live talk. C’est la vie.

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