Projo Editorial on the Derderian Plea Deal

Ed Achorn raises important points about the entire course of the state’s investigation of The Station Nightclub fire and the lack of justice in the Derderian plea bargain decision:

Ed Achorn: Station fire victims still owed an answer to one question: Why?

NO DEGREE of punishment of those responsible for the Station nightclub fire could ever compensate for the agony and loss of life that night. But the 100 dead and the scores of the maimed, and the families who suffered horribly for them, were owed one thing: the truth.

It is the truth that Rhode Island officials at all levels — the attorney general, the all-powerful legislature, the governor — have failed to deliver.

Nearly four years on, the public still does not know — on the record, and under oath — why the people who are charged with protecting it failed so egregiously, leading to the catastrophe of Feb. 20, 2003.

Atty. Gen. Patrick Lynch did not even try to charge the West Warwick public officials involved in the case, saying state law shields them. He went after only the nightclub owners and the band road manager who set off indoor fireworks that night, blissfully unaware that flammable foam surrounded him. [full text]