The Comma-kaze Presidency

There’s no need to give President Bush the boot. He already has it…wedged firmly betwixt his palate and trachea. The man’s got sole, I’ll give you that, but he has somehow mistaken it for barbecue. A couple of days ago, Mr. Bush appeared on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer and, when queried about this period of horrible violence plaguing Iraq, proceeded to insert his foot in his mouth by making the comment above. Leave it to our grammatically and historically challenged President to mistake a period for a comma. Perhaps he was commatose when he uttered such a crass and thoughtless statement, which would seem to reduce the hundreds of thousands of casualties, living and dead, of this terrible conflict to mere pixels. Regardless, he should be ashamed (although I seriously question whether he has the capacity for such a feeling). Fortunately, a number of individuals such as Cindy Sheehan and CNN’s Jack Cafferty have taken the Commander-in-chief to task for his unconscionable remarks. He certainly deserves a swift kick in the asterisk.


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