And Now for Some Real Leadership

Senator-Elect Sheldon Whitehouse began his post-election Senate leadership with this statement on the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld:

“Voters in Rhode Island and across the country sent a clear signal yesterday that we are ready for a new direction and a change in Washington. Secretary Rumsfeld’s resignation is the first step toward a new course in Iraq. The mismanagement and failures of the war in Iraq demand significant accountability, and it’s my hope that in the coming months a new Democratic Senate will work to hold this administration accountable for the disastrous conduct of this war.�

Rumsfeld’s resignation is what might be called a watershed in the dynamics of power in our country. His control and influence spans all the way back to the Nixon era. And as Andre just pointed out, with the Senate now in Democratic majority, Jack Reed will become Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee. The times, they are a-changing.

2 thoughts on “And Now for Some Real Leadership

  1. Methinks that VP Dick Cheney’s days are numbered.

    It would make sense for the GOP to replace him with an 2008 hopeful and give him the “Rose Garden advantage”.

    We need to keep the Blue Wave rolling into 2008 – it is never too early!

  2. I’m hoping to see Cheney fitted for a striped jumpsuit soon. According to the link I’ve pasted above, a long-dormant Halliburton bribery investigation has recently grown new legs. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to confirm this story anywhere else.

    And I’m STILL mystified by the hot-potato treatment of Rumsfeld. My guess: Bush hopes to pre-empt any investigations in to Rummy’s actions: “I already fired him, let’s hold hands across the aisle and put all that ‘war crime’ stuff in the past…”

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