Nancy Pelosi’s First 100 Hours Leading the Dems

Here is our new leadership’s agenda for legislation to be passed in the first 100 hours when Congress reconvenes, as summarized in an article in today’s Christian Science Monitor:

In her first 100 legislative hours at the helm, Pelosi says, she aims to “drain the swamp” by passing a new rules package, including pay-as-you-go budgeting; raise the minimum wage; pass all the independent 9/11 commission recommendations; cut the interest rate on student loans by half; negotiate for lower drug prices in the Medicare prescription-drug program; end subsidies for Big Oil; and allow federal support of embryonic stem-cell research. All these items have at least some support across the aisle but involve bypassing the usual committee-hearing process to gain quick votes on the floor. It’s an agenda that will test Pelosi’s ability to hold her own majority while winning enough GOP support to get bills to the president’s desk.

Sounds good to me. Amazing what a little change in government can do for ordinary people.

One thought on “Nancy Pelosi’s First 100 Hours Leading the Dems

  1. We’ll see. Enacting all the 9/11 commission recommendations (a hot campaign promise) is already off the table. Allegations of ethics violations on the part of key dem members abound. We’ll see.

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