Kmareka Scoops Alternet

This is the best site for in-depth analysis of the evolving Paris Hilton situation. Now Alternet’s excellent political commentator, Will Durst, connects the dots in his column, ‘Paris Hilton Pays for George Bush’s Sins’.

As noted in Kmareka’s essay, Paris Hilton Suffers for our Sins, we are more likely to see Paris running for president than facing the ‘justice’ that ordinary people get when they are charged with a crime. The Rev. Al Sharpton, who is sometimes right, comments on that in Kmareka Scoops CBS News. Will Durst, however, takes it to the next level, revealing a truth so terrible that this commentator had to be coaxed into coming out from under the bed. Paris Hilton is already president, in a metaphysical sense. We are throwing stones at Barbie, because Ken is our Commander in Chief and he’s too far away to hit.

“We’re guilty as well, of pasting George Bush’s face onto her emaciated frame. He is the Paris Hilton of Presidents. The two of them share the smirk and the obliviousness and the trust funders’ undying belief in their eternal impunity from culpability.”

How about instead of hating Paris Hilton we start dismantling the tax breaks for the rich, the ones the President wants to make permanent, (so that there will always be friends who owe him one when he leaves office). How about putting that money into the infrastructure of the country–clean air and water, affordable housing, accessible health care, education that is a credit to the greatest country in the world. We’ve let successive administrations kick the bottom rungs off the ladder of success because we hate that welfare queen. We hate her so much that we’d rather be run over by the Corporate Welfare Cadillac.

If we really want Paris Hilton to suffer, why not cut off her allowance? She’ll dissolve faster than the Wicked Witch of West. Cleaning up a political system that favors old movie actors and empty suits will be harder. I think the only way to even start is with public financing of political campaigns. Someone’s going to buy them, it might as well be us.