Blogged Down — David Takes a Break

Perhaps you are wondering why there has been no new content for the past few days. I received an email from David Jaffe letting me know that he needed to take a break from the blogging:

As you can plainly see, my contributions to the weblog
have trickled down to nothing. I seem to be at this place where I
have little or no desire and motivation to write and post material.
The reasons for such are not entirely clear to me. Some of it no
doubt has to do with taking on a new job, which, although it is part-
time, still cuts into the time I previously had available to engage
in blogging and cuts into my emotional and intellectual reservoirs,
as well. Some of it also has to do with having grown weary and
discouraged with all the crap that is going on in this country and in
the world. I feel as though I want to turn away from such ugliness.
Some of it has to do, too, with feeling as though I have nothing new
to say. How many times can I point out the incompetence and
corruption and cruelty and ignorance that governs those who govern?

Anyway, I guess what it all boils down to is that I think I need to
give myself permission to take a break from blogging. Hopefully, a
little breather (although I cannot promise that it will be little)
will allow me to recharge my batteries and regain my voice. Of
course, in the interim, I know that I am leaving something of a void
for you to fill. I apologize for that. The last thing that I want
to do is let you (or our loyal readers) down. But I know in my heart
that I need a break.

David has done a wonderful job of contributing his time and talents to this blog, and I will always be grateful to him for that. I wish him well in his break, though I hope it will be a short one. It is not easy to continue to care about difficult issues, especially as they seem to be getting worse. But for me the blogging remains a positive process –an opportunity to engage the community on vital issues, a place to acknowledge problems and discuss ways to change, a forum to listen to other intelligent voices, a place to share something funny.

So for a while now it might just be me sounding off here at Kmareka, and also Nancy Green, who has made some great contributions of late.


5 thoughts on “Blogged Down — David Takes a Break

  1. I’ll miss David Jaffe, and I hope he will find time to write whenever he sees something more egregious than usual. Work is the curse of the blogging class. I’m anti-lottery, so I’ll hope that he discovers a great new drug that makes you lose weight, grow hair and rock all night, and that the pharmaceutical companies don’t steal his formula before he gets rich from it.

  2. David,

    I’ve heard other bloggers refer to “outrage burnout;” the crimes of this administration are so many and so heinous and the so-called “liberal” media has let them get away with so much that it can be overwhelming.

    Relax, rest, do some summer things, but don’t give up. Your country needs voices like yours. (Not to put any pressure or anything…that wasn’t the intent!)

    I will miss your commentary.

  3. Kiersten, please give my best wishes to David if you are in touch with him. And please accept my thanks to both of you for being valued members of the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.

    There are many days when I feel similarly to what he expresses when he says “How many times can I point out the incompetence and corruption and cruelty and ignorance that governs those who govern?”.

    Then I remember how far we have all come together and how overwhelmingly repudiated the current political powers are now, and how little they represent the thinking and feeling of the vast majority of people.

    The Republicans are undone, and it looks that the Democrats win in the midterms last November is turning out to have been a Pyrrhic victory, at least in the sense of any respect they think they may have won. If they win again in 2008 they will have the dubious satisfaction of being hated only slightly less than the Republicans.

    David has earned some peace.

  4. The world is a strange and interesting place, never ending in things of fascination and wonder. Sometimes we forget the good because the bad stuff makes so much more noise. Get out to the canyons for a while, find a good horse and bedroll, and watch a few sunrises and sunsets or a thunderstorm on the horizon. All the good stuff is still there.

  5. I agree with Edger — David has earned some peace for his contribution to turning this country around. I hope the universe shows David some love for all he has done.

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