Children Rally to Stop Concrete Plant



Presentation of over 2000 petitions to the Mayor

Monday 6/25 4:30 – 5

In front of City Hall

Please make every effort to attend.

Over 20 children will present the Mayor with 100 petitions each, tied with a ribbon.

The Mayor will be asked to answer our questions and bring us up to date.
What are he and his administration are doing to prevent this concrete plant from opening?

I’ll be there with friends and a gaggle of at least 7 girls who want to participate. What I have heard about the current status of the concrete plant’s progress is that they are continuing to bring in pieces for building the plant, but they have not begun actually building it because they can’t without a city inspection of the foundation. Since we have no building inspector (the city was in the process of forming a search committee in the spring) and this is such a controversial case, I imagine that the city is going to proceed very carefully with that foundation inspection.

I’ll provide another update on this issue tomorrow, when hopefully I will know more.


One thought on “Children Rally to Stop Concrete Plant

  1. Speaking of no Building Inspector… hires for the City of Providence June 1, 2007 is KERRY A. ANDERSON, who will be Chief of Structures and Zoning. What an OUTRAGE. Maybe he can beat his record and give a permit to a Nuclear Power Facility in 9 or 10 days.

    Come on folks, look at it this way, at least he’ll be easy to find when he needs to be deposed.

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