Linkin’ Log (for 07-29-07)

If you’re not outraged or concerned, then you’re not paying attention…

• Certain Degrees Now Cost More at Public Universities—As if being unable to afford tuition at a private university were not bad enough, the New York Times reports that some students who attend public universities are beginning to find themselves priced out of certain fields of study, thanks to the collegiate version of à la carte pricing.

• Bush Administration Utterly Callous Toward Iraqi Refugees—Writing in The Progressive, Amitabh Pal describes the burgeoning humanitarian crisis in Iraq and takes the Bush administration to task for so meagerly providing assistance to “the more than two million Iraqis rendered nationless due to its misadventure.”

• Friends mobilize on Facebook to protest boy’s deportation—From the McClatchy Newspapers, a heartbreaking story about all that is wrong with this nation’s immigration policies, as exemplified by an 18-year-old honor student from Miami who has been in this country since the age of 2 yet is scheduled to be deported to Colombia because he is undocumented.

• White House Trims Investigators Tracking Environmental Crimes, Below Level Ordered by Congress—The Associated Press (via the Environmental News Network) reports that “fewer U.S. environmental cops are tracking criminal polluters these days” (in defiance of federal law) and there has been “a significant decrease in the numbers of criminal pollution investigations and civil lawsuits and the amounts of fines assessed under President Bush.”