Victory for Citizen Activism in Cranston?

According to the Projo, there is talk of a resolution on the horizon for the concrete plant opponents in Cranston. But it may just be talk. In fact, it sounds decidedly like just talk if John O. Mancini, lawyer for Cullion, doesn’t even know about the proposed resolution, as he suggests in the article. From the Projo:

CRANSTON — Mayor Michael T. Napolitano has been quietly informing City Council members and neighbors of a half-built concrete-batching plant off Pontiac Avenue that he is working on a resolution to the year-long controversy surrounding the project.

The mayor, who has declared his opposition to the plant, has remained tight-lipped about the details of his proposal.

And residents, who call Napolitano a half-hearted ally in their fight to block completion of the project, say they are skeptical that the mayor’s talk of a resolution is anything more than an attempt to score political points with the neighborhood.

“He hasn’t been strong enough,� said Suzanne Arena, a spokeswoman for Cranston Citizens for Responsible Zoning and Development, an opposition group that has raised concerns about traffic, noise and pollution.

But Ernest J. Carlucci, the mayor’s director of administration, defended Napolitano.

“This administration,� he said, “is doing everything within its power to rectify this situation.�

John O. Mancini, a lawyer for Cullion Concrete Corp., the company trying to complete the plant, said the city had not yet approached his clients about settling a contentious court battle over the project.

But he said Cullion, which suspended construction of the plant in June 2006 amid the growing controversy over the project, would be open to discussions.

“If there’s a way to resolve this short of litigation,� he said, “we’d be willing to hear it.�


2 thoughts on “Victory for Citizen Activism in Cranston?

  1. Does anyone have pictures from this weekends rainstorm and the Concrete Plant Site? Why would anyone in their right mind want to build on that site?

  2. The pictures don’t matter, they have seen them before along with DEM and higher up. The Permit is expired and we should pull the Permit should be permanently pulled and investigated with the new inspector. I just called the NEW building inspector demanding his department go down and inspect the containers and trucks there. Let’s see what bright excuse I get for that.

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