Bush “Reluctantly” Accepts Gonzales’ Resignation

I am wondering how Senator Whitehouse is reacting to the news. His press office line is busy, but I imagine an email statement from the Senator, after all his effort on this issue, is on the way. From MSN:

WASHINGTON – Embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, under fire from congressional Democrats and even some Republicans, has resigned, senior Bush administration officials said Monday.

Gonzales spoke to President Bush by telephone on Friday and then visited him at his Crawford, Texas, ranch on Sunday where he formally submitted his letter of resignation, a senior administration official said.

“He (Bush) very reluctantly accepted it,� the official said.

UPDATE: As predicted, here is Whitehouse’s statement:

“It’s been clear for months that Alberto Gonzales’s resignation is in the best interest of the country. This is also good news for the Department of Justice, but a great deal of work remains to be done to restore Americans’ confidence in this great Department, to restore its traditions and spirit, and to restore its ability to fairly and dispassionately enforce the law. Fortunately, there are many people of both parties who know and love this Department who I’m sure would be glad to help.

“I hope that whoever the President nominates to be he new Attorney General at this critical time will put the interests of the Department, its employees, and the American people foremost – before partisanship, and before politics.�

Believe it or not, this article from CNN discusses the possibility of Michael Chertoff being nominated for the Attorney General position.


3 thoughts on “Bush “Reluctantly” Accepts Gonzales’ Resignation

  1. Chertoff would be a bad joke and a worse nightmare. Did the White House find out that “Brownie� wasn’t available? Let’s not forget about Harriet Miers who was once touted as Supreme Court material.

    Gonzo and the rest of this Bush crew is so bad that they make me think and say something that I’d never have thought I would. In comparison, John Ashcroft looks like a staunch defender of civil liberties.

    I don’t know what I’m more concerned with – who it is they’ll nominate, or who would actually take the job? Bobby Bork, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you?

    Hey, Ed Meese is still out there (in more ways than one). This from the Heritage Society’s web page: Edwin Meese III is a prominent leader, thinker and elder statesman in the conservative movement – and America itself.

    And he brings his own ketchup.

    And so it goes….

  2. Sadly, with the Bush Presidency on its last very shakey legs, whoever is nominated and if confirmed (and confirnation could well be in doubt), the Justice Department will not be able to reconstitute itself. The amazing lack of “smarts” by the current lame duck AG boggles the mind–how could someone with so little ability rise so high–but then we have his boss as an example. Mr. Chertof would be a miserable choice for reasons that are almost as extensive as the current occupant of the office and yet, Mr. Chertoff still has his job. More and more it is apparent that the legacy of this administration will be a series of missed opportunities and wrong turns that clearly rivals the most miserable of presidential records; Mr. Bush may well exceed Mr. Carter as the worst of modern presidents and it is difficult to find a poorer AG in the history books.

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