Why Can’t the People of Cranston Be Heard?

Cranston Citizens for Responsible Zoning and Development (CCRZD) is urging concerned residents to contact the DEM and insist that they reschedule the public hearing on the matter of the concrete plant. The DEM had promised to hold a hearing on this issue in July, but the hearing was never scheduled. Now, according the CCRZD, “On September 4th, the DEM will consider canceling the public hearing of Cullion/Karleetor Wetlands ‘Insignificant Alteration’ Permit.”

They provide the following sample text for the letter:

As a resident of Cranston, I urge you to revoke the above Permit, which was modified by Karleetor/Cullion (Concrete Batching Plant) located on Marine Drive. This area is designated by FEMA as a floodplain, is part of a significant wetlands, and will be adversely affected by the air, noise, soil, and water pollution that will surely result from this industrial development. I am strongly opposed to the Cullion proposal and amazed that you would even consider granting them a permit to build and operate a public health hazard in my residential neighborhood.

I am also concerned about attempts being made by Cullion/Karleetor’s attorneys to prevent a public hearing on the above-matter. DEM had already agreed to hold the Hearing, and it was scheduled in July but never happened ~ why? Why has it not been rescheduled?

Since this development will directly affect my neighbors and my family, I feel that we are entitled to be heard on this matter. I have always had confidence in the DEM and its unwavering commitment to protect Rhode Island’s wetlands and citizens from exposure to unsafe air, water and noise pollution, and I hope that you will be strong on September 4th and resist efforts to silence Cranston residents.

We are relying on you make the right decision on September 4, a decision that will profoundly affect future generations who will have to deal with this problem.

Letters should be addressed to:

W. Michael Sullivan, Ph.D., Director
Rhode Island DEM
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908-5767

FAX: (401) 222-6802

E-MAIL: Michael.sullivan@dem.ri.gov

4 thoughts on “Why Can’t the People of Cranston Be Heard?

  1. I wrote to the head of the DEM, and he responded, telling me that 1. he only followed the rules, laws, and regulations of the state, set for him to follow, and accept AND that his degree is not in environmental management, or environmental sciences. It is in agricultural sciences, specialized field in soils. he appears to say that if someone is dumping and ruining an area, unless there is a law specifically against it, AND if his subordinates rule against it, it is not his issue to point it out, or to take it on and bring it to its logical ceasation.

  2. Patrick, this is precisely why the EPA should be brought in.

    This should be of partiuclar interest: our attorney received a fax yesterday from John Mancini counsel for Karleetor/Cullion protesting everyone’s communications
    to the DEM Director relating to the said permit appeal.
    CAN YOU TELL ME WHO AT DEM AND WHY WOULD SOMEONE AT DEM NOTIFY HIM OF THAT? Write to the EPA and demand justice that this is an unacceptable consideration to Cullion’s request.

    Here is the e-mail June 4 response I received from the EPA regarding the Insignification Alteration Permit:

    “Thank you very much for bringing this matter to our attention. After speaking with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM), it is our understanding that RIDEM issued a wetlands permit
    to Karleetor, LLC on April 9, 2007 for activities at the Marine Drive site in Cranston, Rhode Island. It is also our understanding that Cullion Concrete Corporation intends to build a batch concrete facility at this location and that the wetlands permit (DEM Wetland Application #06-0557)is one of the permits that they would need in order to proceed with their plans.
    The Administrative Adjudicatory Division of RIDEM has agreed to hear an appeal of the RIDEM wetlands Permit. The pre-hearing and hearing dates have been continued to allow for oral arguments on several motions that have been filed. The oral arguments on the motions are scheduled to begin on June 6. We also understand that the City of Cranston has appealed this matter to the Rhode Island Superior Court.
    We will be watching this matter very closely as it proceeds through the designated appeal channels. We will also continue to work with RIDEM to understand the potential impacts that this project would have.
    We appreciate your concern and thank you for bringing it to our attention. Please feel free to call Martha Curran at 617-918-1802 should you have any questions or further inquiries.”

    Write Martha Curran/EPA at curran.martha@epa.gov or call her at 617-918-1802 and voice your outrage.

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