Laffey Gave Giuliani $9,200

A reader has tuned me in to an interesting device at The New York Times that helps you find out who gave money to which presidential candidate. You just enter a zip code and pick a candidate. So far, I have learned that Steve Laffey (and his wife) gave Giuliani a total of $9,200. I have also learned that Mark Cullion of Cullion Concrete gave Hillary Clinton $1,000. The page to do this is available here.

Feel free to do your own searches and enter your findings in the comments here at Kmareka.


3 thoughts on “Laffey Gave Giuliani $9,200

  1. and now we see that these 2 rich men know how to pick losers. giuliani’s every sentence is completed with 911, and Hillary left her teenage daughter to believe that staying with a man who cheats on you, continuously, is the way for all women to do things in America, as long as you can later use his popularity to your own end…. and after all that, America sees her for what she is….a coniving shrew whose every other word depends upon what polls tell her, and every fourth word is a lie. she lacks backbone, and real character….

  2. I wonder if Laffey will credit himself with sinking the Giuliani campaign the same way he inflated his Senate loss into the disintegration of the GOP’s hold on Congress.

    Nah. That would be too logical.

    I also wonder if Stevie will chase The Grinning Ninny for his money back.

  3. Whatever he’s chasing it will be an out-of-town job because he’s screwed us so bad – – no one will be looking to hire him this close. Maybe Virginians….

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