Kmareka’s Blog Gratitude List — January 29, 2008

In imitation of Nomi Hurwitz, I would like to offer more gratitude to the world, and in an effort to do this, I would like to write an extended “thank you” to someone every week. There are many gifted, generous, and generally under-appreciated people in the world, and I am on a mission to honor them. This list will be compiled on Tuesdays and will thank someone who has contributed to the blog in some way. Think of it as a running acknowledgment page in the cyber-book of who we are and what we are becoming.

And now, without further ado, the envelope please. This week’s hands-down winner is:

Alex Moore, writer, activist, and web administrator for Rhode Island’s Future. Alex came to my house on Saturday and spent over 5 hours helping me. He upgraded my WordPress, reviewed my problems, and made changes to improve the security of Kmareka. We also had the chance to talk with each other about running a political blog and all the triumphs and challenges involved in cyber-activism and real-world activism. I not only got a better-running blog, but I also got acquainted with a true compadre. At a time when I was feeling burned by the security breach to the site, and also exhausted by some problems in my social work life (more on this later), meeting and spending time with Alex truly felt like shelter from the storm.

Thank you, Alex!