Margaret Truman Dies at 83

Sad news: Margaret Truman, the only child of former President Harry Truman, has died.

In reading through her the story on MSNBC about her life, I was struck by this quote:

“I’ve had three or four different careers,� she told an interviewer in 1989. “I consider being a wife and mother a career. I have great respect for women — both those who go out and do their thing and those who stay at home. I think those who stay at home have a lot more courage than those who go out and get a job.�

Margaret Truman was the kind of person who could say something like that and really mean it. I also respect mothers who stay at home, and fathers, too, and it is always a struggle for me between the pull to be a parent and the pull to have a career. Luckily, I have been able to work part-time while my children are young.

I always liked the story about how President Truman freaked out when some critics were less than positive about Margaret’s singing debut. It made the Trumans so human and familiar.

4 thoughts on “Margaret Truman Dies at 83

  1. A sad loss.
    Is it not the right of every person, male or female, to have access to choice?
    Many in the Sydney social work community were looking forward to a new President in the US who gave more than lip service to social justice (John Edwards).

  2. It is sad to hear of Ms truman’s passing. She was a remarkably independent lady and brought a lively spirit to the White House as the daughter of Harry and Bess Truman. She was as fiercely independent as her father and as candidly progressive at a very important time in American history. Ms Truman did not just fade away after the end of the Truman years but became a very popular writer of entertaining mystery novels.

  3. …just wanted to recommend her mysteries to any who enjoy that genre. I haven’t read all of them, but read the ones set in The Supreme Court and Library of Congress and the first two or three. They are quick reads, descriptive of the settings, with characters not as memorable as Sara Paretsky’s, but still credible and sympathetic…

    I am glad she wasn’t suffering a long time.

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