They Should be Grateful

From Austin Cline at ‘Jesus’ General’ comes a post so fine I have to link to it here. It takes apart point by point the idea that anyone should be ‘grateful’ for being let in the servant’s door.

It’s not just that blacks should be grateful to whites for their ancestors being enslaved (because it means they grow up here rather than Africa). Women should be grateful to men for having been disenfranchised (because at least they don’t have to wear burqas, but those sluts really should cover up more). Atheists should be grateful to Christians for being despised (because that’s better than being beheaded, but they should learn to sit down and shut up). Immigrants should be grateful to whites that there is a country they can try to sneak into (even if it means risking their lives). The poor should be grateful to the rich that they have a chance at any jobs at all (even if it means living paycheck to paycheck, without health insurance).

I depend on ‘Jesus’ General’ for my daily dose of profane and inappropriate opinion but lately they’ve been getting all serious on me. Maybe when the General nods off in his recliner, Ofjoshua gets a turn at the computer. Anyway, someone is letting people like Austin Cline put up posts that are a history and philosophy lesson rolled into one and totally painless to read. And good graphics as well. Don’t tell the General. He gets mad when they use too many big words.


One thought on “They Should be Grateful

  1. It started with the rib — since then we white men have just been giving everything away! I love Jesus General!

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