Carcieri: Head Start “Biggest Waste of Federal Money”

That’s the assessment from our Governor here in Rhode Island — that Head Start for preschoolers is “the biggest waste of federal money.” A bigger waste of money than, say, building a highway and not testing the concrete? A bigger waste of money than starting an unnecessary trillion dollar war? A bigger waste of money than giving more and bigger tax breaks to the richest 2% of the state’s population?

Speaking less rhetorically and more from experience, I have seen more than one child literally saved by their enrollment in Head Start. I am thinking specifically of a child with teeth rotting out of her head and no one would have done anything about it if the Head Start social worker hadn’t made sure that child got medical and dental care. This is just one rather extreme example — there are so many ways in which problems recognized and addressed in Head Start improve a child’s chances for a better future.

But let’s hear what the Governor has to say:

Show me empirical evidence that Head Start has done anything. I think it’s been the biggest waste of money, frankly. What Head Start needs to do is get into the early education business, which is teach kids vocabulary and things they need early on. Head Start, I think, is the biggest waste of federal money. What I’ve said, if you want to do early childhood education, particularly in urban areas, get Head Start integrated into what we’re trying to do with kids. If you want empirical evidence that a program has been a dismal failure, I’d put Head Start at the top of the list. That doesn’t say it can’t be changed or morphed into something that could be effective, but as it is I think it’s totally ineffective.

While Head Start, along with countless other programs, could doubtlessly be improved, calling the program the “biggest waste of federal money” is an incredible misrepresentation of reality. In a just world, there would need to be some recompense for these wrong words. If it were up to me, the Governor would now be required to spend the next 6 months working a full 40-hour week in a Head Start classroom. Then he could review his statement above and see if he would like to make any modifications.


6 thoughts on “Carcieri: Head Start “Biggest Waste of Federal Money”

  1. that reminds me that Governor Carcieri never paid us taxpayers back the $15,000 he handed a lawyer to explain to him why he opposes gay marriage. if he doesn’t have opinions of his own he shouldn’t be governor. and maybe he can explain ‘what we’re trying to do with kids.’ since he wants to toss out a program with proven benefits in favor of something he doesn’t bother to name or explain. maybe it will cost us another $15,000 for a lawyer to tell him what his opinion is on education. He’s already made it clear that he doesn’t think he has to talk to actual students in the public schools.

  2. I always thought that Head Start was in “the early education business.” I’m sure I read that somewhere. Doesn’t that program do something with numbers and letters? I was pretty sure that it did. Not to mention the obvious health benefits that accrue from just being in the program.

    But if it’s a contest of empirical studies he wants, then I say bring it. Aside from his self-serving, tautological, bootstrapping comments about “empirical” studies, I really do want to help him out. On Thursday, I list some studies that he might actually want to read. And being a public spirited citizen, I won’t charge $ 15,000. I give it to him for free. Just my little contribution to the common good.

  3. “Misrepresentation of reality”?

    You are too kind.

    Try: Lie.

    So many Republicans don’t even try to tell the truth any more. There have been numerous studies showing that intervention at an early age is many times more effective than interventions later in life.

    IOW, the cost-benefit analysis says it’s best to spend the money when the kid is young.

    But Republicans would rather spend more–much, much more–to incarcerate society’s laggards. And they’re supposedly the “business-savvy” party? Make me puke.

    That’s just another lie that they perpetrate shamelessly.

    Geoff, one of these days we on the left side of the aisle have to realize that those on the other side have not the slightest interest in facts or proof. I wasted many hours on Anchor Rising in an attempt to debate the Yahoos. They weren’t interested. Any facts they didn’t like were ascribed to me being a socialist. That was their trump card.

    “Oh Yeah? Well, you’re just a Socialist!” And yes, it always did sound like a five-year old on a playground.

    With apologies to five-year olds.

  4. Klaus, I couldn’t agree more with your observation about those on the right having little interest in facts or proof. Why let facts and proof get in the way of an erroneous position?

    However, what concerns me is that here we have the Governor of Rhode Island, a guy who should know what he’s talking about, totally trashing a program vital to the health and development of kids. People with scant information about, in this case, Head Start will take the Governor’s comments to heart and use them to justify the punishment of a discreet class of people.

    My goal is not the engage in a debate with the Governor, although if he wants one his office can tell me when and where and I’ll show up. No, my hope is to inform the large number of people, who not hearing anything to the contrary, will uncritically credit the Governor with telling the “truth” about government programs.

    I have to say that I was nearly dumbfounded when the Governor made his comments last week. I thought “it has to be a mistake or a mis-quote.” Today proved me wrong. His comments were worthy of a patron of a local tavern dispensing his version of conventional wisdom. No facts, no proof, no discussion – Head Start is “totally ineffective” because he said it was.

    But even more troubling than that is what has become a pattern of the Governor’s targets of disdain. Before it was unwed mothers on FIP making “bad choices”, then it’s kids on RIte Care, now it’s kids in Head Start, and let’s not forget those illegals who are costing us all those millions. However, there’s no mention of the nearly $ 70 million in tax cuts that we don’t get this year b/c they were granted to a wealthy few in the name of economic development. Intentional or not, the singling out of the poor and middle class to carry the state’s economic burden to the exclusion of the wealthy is class warfare writ large.

  5. Geoff, you are also absolutely right. We have to get the word out to the 70% of the population that isn’t die-hard Republican.

    True Republicans are a minority in this country. We need to keep reminding people why that’s true.

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