And Now a Word from Ralph Mollis

The Secretary of State, Ralph Mollis, wants to make sure everyone knows that this Wednesday, June 25, 2008, is the deadline for filing for candidacy. Secretary Mollis cares deeply about everyone being as involved as possible in the political process and so has sent this message out, to make sure everyone knows what to do if they want to run for election:

Candidates for federal office must file Declarations of Candidacy with Mollis at his Elections Division, 148 West River St., Providence. Anyone who is planning to run for state or local office must file with the board of canvassers in the city or town that is their legal residence.

“A number of other crucial dates in the election calendar are just around the corner. Ensuring our elections are accessible to those who vote and those who hope to serve is one of my priorities,� said Mollis.

The next important milestone is July 1, when candidates can pick up nomination papers. Candidates for federal office can obtain the forms from Mollis’ Elections office. Candidates for state and local offices should pick up their papers at the Cranston Board of Canvassers.

State law then gives candidates until July 11 to collect the signatures of enough eligible voters to officially put them on the ballot. The threshold ranges from 50 signatures for the state House of Representatives to 1,000 signatures for the U.S. Senate.

All the necessary forms as well as a calendar with every key date leading up to Rhode Island’s primary and general election are posted on Mollis’ website.

Every time around, I contemplate running for school committee. This is one of the most important positions that a person can take on in a community. Not only are you working for the purpose of providing the best education for our children, but you are also responsible for more than half of most municipal budgets. For these reasons, it seems to me that school committees are as important if not more important than city councils.

So why don’t I run? Lots of reasons. But I may run two years from now.


3 thoughts on “And Now a Word from Ralph Mollis

  1. You should consider running inthe near future.I have seen some of your posts that touch on education,and while I lack any background or expertise in that area,it seems like you make a lot of sense.
    School boards,or committees,or whatever the term, need people who are willing to try what works.
    I started school in 1951 in NYC and I think I received an excellent education.Looking at what has worked in the past is not a bad idea when combined with more modern technology.
    I think there are too many peanut gallery wannabe politicians with motives unrelated to educating children already in place.

  2. Kiersten,

    When you decide to run, I want to be there. I cannot think of anyone better for this important post.

    For anyone else wanting to throw their hat into the ring, the deadline is tomorrow.

    I am hoping for a spirited campaign season!

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