No Buses On Our Block!!!

To the concerned citizens who posted handbills all over the South end of Angell Street, right off Wayland Square —

I give you an ‘A’ for effort. You not only covered every telephone pole, sometimes twice, but you chose a screaming flourescent green color that is impossible to ignore. Unfortunately I have to give you an ‘F’ for public relations. You are anonymous. When you urge us to ‘Call our reps and RIPTA and voice your protest today!!!’ don’t expect me to jump.


I think you would do better to ask your neighbors why a lawn the size of a handkerchief requires a giant truck, three guys with leaf blowers, two guys with power mowers and an underground sprinkler system to keep it green. You can’t enjoy the beautiful walk down Elmgrove Ave for the excruciating noise and diesel fumes. Not to mention the workers without ear protection or dust masks. What are they, expendable? Just imagine the whir of a hand mower and the smell of cut grass. Imagine it, because you’ll seldom see it.

And the traffic. There must be a sale on Hummers, because they’re everywhere — clogging our narrow streets and parked on corners so that you can’t see what’s coming. Also, summer is motorcycle season. Fuel efficient, but way noisier than buses.

Maybe it’s the ‘loitering’. Let’s clarify. — waiting for the bus is not loitering. Anyone who wants to loiter in Wayland Square has had easy access via several bus routes since the dawn of time, and they can even stop off at the Salvation Army while they’re there. Adding a stop will not change anything, except maybe to make using the bus more convenient.

Why is this important? Because gas is not getting cheaper. Because good public transit would aid employment, and relieve people of the necessity to maintain a P.O.S. car in order to work. A really good public transit system might persuade some drivers who need to hang up their license to finally do it — and you East Siders know what I am talking about.

So, you anonymous people who posted the handbill — thanks for the contact info. I’ve already emailed all the people on it to declare my support for making RIPTA as accessible and convenient as possible, and I’m reproducing the list here—

Councilman Cliff Wood 521-7477
Senator Rhoda E. Perry 222-1734 x711
Representative Edith A. Ajello
Representative David A. Segal
RIPTA 781-9400

If you think that public transit is one of the solutions to pollution, gridlock and dependence on foreign oil then contact them and show your support.