Rachel McNally Running for Cranston City Council Ward 6

Rachel McNally, President of Save Cranston’s Open Space, is tossing her hat into the ring for City Council in Cranston. She states in the following letter that the current Ward 6 Council representative, Jeff Barone, will not be seeking re-election.

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I have decided to run for the Ward 6 Cranston City Council seat because I feel that is the best way to continue my efforts to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. I will be running as an Independent and ask that you continue to support the work that I have done on all of our behalves. Over the past year, I have proven my dedication to issues of concern to residents and will continue to do so. Factoring into this decision was the fact that Jeff Barone, our current City Councilman, chose not to seek re-election. I see this as an opportune time to take my commitment of representing the best interests of the residents of Ward 6 to a higher level.

As your Councilwoman, I would be a strong advocate for protecting the Mulligan’s Island property from ill-conceived commercial development and work with you on issues that affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. You have seen what I can accomplish when I am motivated by the best interests of the community and have the support of my neighbors. You also know that my commitment to protecting our homes and neighborhoods is unwavering and holding a position on the City Council would enable me to have a stronger voice in the City and to keep the concerns of Ward 6 in the forefront.

In order to campaign effectively and maintain the integrity of Save Cranston’s Open Space, I will be stepping down as President during the election season. Lori Chartier will be acting as President of Save Cranston’s Open Space until after the election, at which time the outcome of my campaign will be decided. I understand that this will be an uphill battle, but so was stopping the big-box development at Mulligan’s Island and a city-owned ballfield; yet, together we were able to accomplish that. I am confident that I am the best person to represent Ward 6 and ask you to remember my commitment to you and know that you can count on me to work diligently to serve as your voice in City Council. I have earned your trust and will work to maintain that trust because it means a great deal to me.

If you are interested in assisting me in anyway or would like to be added to my official campaign e-mail list, please contact me at rachelmcnally@cox.net.

Thank you,

Rachel McNally
Independent for Ward 6


7 thoughts on “Rachel McNally Running for Cranston City Council Ward 6

  1. For all the political junkies out there, the Secretary of State’s web site is up showing who has filed so far. The site is here: Secretary of State site
    That said, it seems that Rachel isn’t the only indie in the Ward 6 race – there’s another independent and one democrat.

    City wide, it seems that the republicans have their at-large slots filled, but the democrats have only 2 of three filled out (Lanni and Lupino).

    So far, Ward 1 is the only ward without a competitive race. All others are competitive, either by candidates of both parties or independents. And contrary to rumor rampant last week, Mario Aceto has yet to file for Ward 4.

    There are no competitive races so far for school committee. And, interestingly enough, no Paula McFarland filing for SC.

    There are no competitive races for State Senate. Lanzi, Gallo and Miller are unopposed so far.

    So far, all House races, save for Handy, are contested with Palumbo having a primary.

    Five more hours to file…

  2. It would be a shame if there are no competitions for school committee.

    This is only a partial list and people still have until the close of business to file at City Hall.

  3. Living in Ward 6, I am thrilled to see Rachel running. I am 100% behind her and she has been an integral part of the City Council meetings for the last year – listening and learning to the process and issues at hand. I have NOT seen any others that want the spot and know the issues cold like Rachel does. I am always amazed at those that want to hold the key, but have not put any effort towards the priviledge.

    Also, glad to see Paula McFarland is running for School Committee.

  4. Suzanne, thank you for your support.

    It should also be noted that I have stepped down as President of SCOS and Lori Chartier is the acting President.

  5. I am intrigued by the number of Independent candidates running for City Council seats…

  6. Oskar DeGrauche, a totally fun pen name!

    I know the Independent rise is because of how folks are disgusted with both parties, special interest groups and those with their hand out expecting to get something in return for show allegience to one party. I have a lot of respect for those running as Independent, free of control.

    When we have legislators passing laws like Expungement, nixing E-Verify and cutting municipalities funding…we need to have steadfast, selfless hard working folks running to make a difference because most of the people in the General Assembly and City Officials are tainted and forgotten whom they represent. The scales need to tipped back to balance.

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