Help with Travel Troubles

Just got back from visiting the in-laws in Louisville, KY. We got to see what a thunderstorm looks like at 30,000 feet, and feel it too. The weather was bad and we were shuffled among three different airlines.

We got home safe and sound, but our bags are lost. Perhaps even now, some thief is wearing my foxy Kmareka T-shirt.

I’ve called the airlines, and all three of them say it’s the other one’s problem.

Gentle readers, any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Help with Travel Troubles

  1. Hi Nancy, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, I guess it was on the way back so hopefully it didn’t ruin your vacation. When I was at Podcamp this weekend, some bloggers talked about how they successfully dealt with consumer issues by writing about them specifically (by brand name) and contacting PR for the company and letting them know you are doing that. If the airlines are putting you off and not giving you good answers about whether they have searched adequately for your luggage, I would consider writing about it, or at least letting them know that you are considering writing about it.

  2. Icelandair put a bag of mine on the wrong flight after a days delay in Iceland.they treated us great during the delay,putting us up in a hotel and taking us on a tour.
    after I got back and told them about the bag they located it in NYC and delivered it to my door a day later.
    Southwest also treated my wife and daughter just as nicely over bags on the wrong plane(it wasn’t the airline’s fault-long story)-everything got worked out jut fine.
    I hope you have as good luck as we did.
    Nancy-if you are in Mt.Hope,do you remember Persimmon Market?They had really good Chinese take-out and groceries.And they were dirt cheap.My wife even got the old-timer there to smile once(!!)

  3. got the bags back. the most helpful people i encountered were the guys who were putting down new carpet in Green Airport, the cab driver, and the guy who dropped off the bags. the people working for the airlines were uninformative and nomcommital. no one wanted to be left holding the bag.

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