Announcing the Campaign Coordinator for Cindy Fogarty

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about where I’ve been the past few days. Well, here’s your answer:


Contact: Kiersten Marek
Cindy Fogarty for Mayor of Cranston
(401) 744-8933

The Fogarty for Mayor campaign is pleased to announce that it has hired Kiersten Marek as its campaign coordinator. Kiersten is a Cranston resident and clinical social worker who owns and runs the blog, which follows Cranston community issues, particularly issues related to education, finance, and zoning.

“In taking this position as coordinator for Cindy Fogarty’s campaign, I hope to bring more Cranston residents into the process of electing the best possible Mayor for our city. I firmly believe Cindy’s record as a city councilmember, business woman, litigator and citizen advocate are the strongest indicators of how she will lead Cranston in the right direction.”

Cindy Fogarty adds, “I have known Kiersten since my first days on the City Council. She was a volunteer member of the Cranston Financial Review Board and has been active on many school and community issues. Kiersten’s willingness to serve her city during a challenging financial period is indicative of her community commitment. She has continued to be involved on the major issues facing not only Cranstonians, but all Rhode Islanders.”

Kiersten lives in the Eden Park section of Cranston, is married to Kevin Marek, and has two daughters.

In the style of writer/campaign consultant David Sirota, I hope to keep blogging from time to time about the campaign as we move forward. I also hope to blog about other important campaigns and issues as we move toward election day this fall. These are exciting times to be community-involved and I look forward to working hard and being part of the changes that will bring about a better future for our city, state, and country.


4 thoughts on “Announcing the Campaign Coordinator for Cindy Fogarty

  1. Kiersten:

    Let me be the first to congratulate you for being picked for this important position on the Fogarty campaign. You have quite a challenge ahead of you.

  2. seriously, will you continue to see clients and take new referrals into your practice or will you have a hiatus?

    Mazel Tov, Kiersten on this new challenge!

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