Creative Contract-Settling for Lincoln Schools

The Providence Journal reports on Lincoln’s ability to come up with a 3-year contract for their schools that satisfies both the teachers and the taxpayers of the city. Here is a link to the article, and to a picture of the main community leaders who negotiated the contract. Notice anything about them all? That’s right. Maybe they all just happen to be highly skilled negotiators and leaders, but they also happen to be women.


One thought on “Creative Contract-Settling for Lincoln Schools

  1. “We respect each other’s opinion. We want to come to common ground. Everyone agreed we’re here for the students.�-I am not sure that statment applies everyone on the Cranston School committee. Some of them seem to have their own agendas that they want addressed.

    Not to ake away from the statement that they were all women, but it was also a small group. I was attending school committee meetings in attempt to save Horton around the same time as the contract discussions were taking place. Even though there was only a few committe members present at the contract talks- everyone wanted their input heard at school committee meetings. The few members that were in the contract talks repeatedly invited the most voiced members to attend contract talks, to no avail.

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