Fogarty Gets National Leader Endorsements

From the Projo:

Reed, Whitehouse, Langevin endorse Fogarty

CRANSTON Democratic mayoral candidate Cynthia M. Fogarty has been endorsed by U.S. Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse and Congressman James R. Langevin.

Reed, in a news release issued yesterday by Fogarty’s campaign, said: “Cindy has a strong reputation for working to create a better future for Cranston. She has been vocal on issues of finance, education and health care, and knows how to listen and respond to the needs of the community.”

Whitehouse called Fogarty “a smart, tough, experienced leader who will put local government to work for Cranston families. I’m confident that she will work hard to make one of Rhode Island’s largest cities a great place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Langevin, whose 2nd Representative District includes Cranston, said, “Cindy has a great track record as an advocate for the taxpayers and residents of the city of Cranston. As a member of the City Council, Cindy demonstrated strong skills as a communicator and a fierce determination to implement real change.”


6 thoughts on “Fogarty Gets National Leader Endorsements

  1. Loathe as I am to question our esteemed Congressional delegation, there’s a reason these statements were listed in a “Campaign Briefs” column: they read like boilerplate press releases — insert candidate’s name here. These were the same endorsements Nap got two years ago, and how well did that help him? The only difference is that they were released in early August instead of late September, after a primary. If anything, that’s an even worse case, as the announcements won’t be contributing to any kind of fall momentum and, with the exception of a mailer, will get little more attention than the blurb in the ProJo.

    Ultimately, the question is: How will these help Fogarty get votes? I’ve stated in prior threads that I don’t see this being a straight-ticket kind of vote, and that Fung stands a good chance of at least getting as many Dem votes as he did in 2006.

    And while I won’t rehash all of those prior thoughts, I will note that the Rhode Island Latino PAC endorsed Fung. This is a group that can bring out the votes (a fair number of them Democratic, though not all), and could make a significant difference in the Cranston Mayor’s race.

    RI Future has a thread on the RILPAC endorsements here:;jsessionid=913B5A215921DF803B3D6355E1B35A87?diaryId=3655

    And on a related note, Fogarty lost another early round in the press with the ProJo’s 8.13 piece on fundraising.
    Read it here:

    When your candidate isn’t even mentioned until five paragraphs in, that’s not a good sign. And the shiftiness on the actual amount raised (“she will not specify how much she has collected since [the end of the second quarter]”) doesn’t help any.

    (Now, I can hear some asking: “So what? It’s a story in August.” To which I say: That makes two stories lost.)

    Also, Sept. 3 is about 70 days before the election — that’s way too late to start a serious fundraising push. There are few candidates, indeed, who can raise $9,000 a week for 10 straight weeks. Fung has been raising an average of $5,000 a week for the six weeks since June 30, by comparison.

  2. Jesse,
    You certainly are persistent…If I didn’t know better, I would think that you were a prominent member of Allan Fung’s inner circle, or at the very least a paid staffer.
    To pooh-pooh the endorsements of Reed, Whitehouse and Langevin, whether they are “boilerplate press releases” or not, defies sensibility–which is not like you.
    On the subject of the RILPAC’s endorsement of Allan Fung,
    it should be noted that there is/was a sizeable section of the group that pushed for the endorsement of Cindy Fogarty by the RILPAC— this was a split decision, not a “slam dunk” in any way, shape or form. The RILPAC endorsed former Mayor Laffey during his tenure and one should be surprised NOT by the fact that the group is endorsing Mayor Laffey’s close ally Allan Fung, but that serious consideration was given to endorsing his opponent. It has been said numerous times on this blog and elsewhere, that Allan Fung is a “nice guy”, the same was said about Steven Laffey prior to his terms in office… and how did that work out? I personally find it hard to imagine the needs and concerns of Cranston’s Latino community meshing well with the views and machinations of our city’s Republican Party.
    To put an old baseball analogy into play “a win in April counts as much as a win in August”…an article in August is read by the same readers as an article in Sept. or Oct., and does not necessarily mean that there will be no additional articles in the future.

  3. Richard:

    I’m willing to believe that, in fact, you do know better. I am not on any campaign staff, nor am I in anyone’s “inner circle.”

    Setting aside such conspiracy theories, though, is it that difficult to believe that I find neither candidate particularly deserving of my support? My whole point recently has been that, if she expects to win, Fogarty has to distance herself and distinguish herself from Fung. Losing a key endorsement and having the Congressional delegation’s support buried in a Campaign Briefs column will not accomplish that. Refusing to talk campaign finance numbers, pretending they’re not important, and setting up a nearly impossible fundraising goal do distinguish Fogarty — as someone who doesn’t seem to know how to run a campaign.

    Also, whatever unconfirmed “split decision” there may have been within RILPAC, the endorsement went to Fung. That’s the real issue.

  4. Jesse,
    To paraphrase my least favorite cable news outlet, your posts on the ’08 Cranston Mayoral race have been anything but “fair and balanced”. In your previous post you state that you “find neither candidate particularly
    deserving of my support”, but to date have only railed against the Fogarty campaign. Major endorsements are major endorsements and while they may have appeared in the Campaign Briefs column they still carry a considerable amount of clout. As far as the RILPAC endorsement goes, you state, and I quote “Losing a key endorsement”… correct me if I’m wrong, but at what point was the RILPAC endorsement Fogarty’s to lose? The RILPAC, has in the past, supported Fung’s ally/mentor/prototype Steven Laffey and it should not come as a surprise to anyone that they have chosen to mine the same political vein again. If indeed you feel that neither candidate is worthy of your support, then enlighten me with your take on the Fung campaign, it’s flaws and shortcomings… Because for all the fundraising and coveted endorsements you feel the Fung campaign may have received to date, there is not a single word about either on the candidate’s website. In fact the “latest news” posted on the campaign’s page is dated
    June 20, 2008, a full 2 months ago(give or take an hour or so), a flurry of activity at best.

  5. Richard:

    I’m afraid you’re misrepresenting my statements. Your use of the phrase “fair and balanced” is not what I meant by finding “neither candidate particularly
    deserving of my support.”

    And you did a fine job of outlining Fung’s “flaws and shortcomings” — namely, he’s still a Laffey clone. I would add that he’s had no real plan other than bad-mouthing Napolitano.

    I have, in fact, written previously about Fung’s judgment — read Comments #11 and 16 in this thread as an example:

    Beyond that, I don’t think I have to rehash old statements I’ve made. I’d also remind you that I’m responding to recent developments in the campaign — and making a case that it doesn’t look good for Fogarty. If you’d like to argue the opposite, go for it. But trying to bury my statements under a barrage of questions and accusations isn’t the same thing.

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