Working Conditions Not Kosher, and Neither is Food

Nomi at I Dreamed I saw Grace P. Last Night has a link to a fascinating op-ed from Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld concerning an immigration raid at a kosher meatpacking plant. The raid uncovered horrific working conditions. The Rabbi cites a precedent for declaring food non-kosher because of the mistreatment of the workers who prepare it. That’s a radical concept. The raid at Agriprocessors Inc. also points to the need for a better immigration policy, because what we have now isn’t working.

2 thoughts on “Working Conditions Not Kosher, and Neither is Food

  1. Nancy,

    Thank you for the attention. David McReynolds, longtime activist ( socialist, War Resisters’ League, et al.) sent me that aricle.

    We “met” thanks to Richard Walton.

    David, alas, was never lovers with Alvin Ailey, (quoth David) but they were friends!

  2. It’s not a radical concept.It makes a great deal of sense.The Rubashkins,who own Agriprocessors are Hasidic Jews-they walk around acting holier than thou,but my experience growing up in Brooklyn and seeing them first hand is that I wouldn’t want to have any Hasidics in my family.My late grandmother who,unlike me was a practicing Jew,always warned me about Hasidics,who wore their religion on their sleeves(literally).She said God didn’t care what you wore,but how you acted.
    The Rubashkins have allegedly sold poultry that was outdated and re-labeled,but they have never been charged with that.My source was a good one,which led me to believe it was true.

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