RI Future Highlights the Best Primary Races in RI

Rhode Island’s Future is showing who is in the ring for the most contentious primary races in Rhode Island, with John DeGenova’s battle with Peter Palumbo being one of the chosen. Here is a link to the post.


4 thoughts on “RI Future Highlights the Best Primary Races in RI

  1. This is the race to watch and, in my opinion, the one that has the great impact on the state of things.

    2. John DeGenova – DeGenova is running for State Representative in House District 16 in Cranston against the biggest anti-immigrant and DINO legislator in the State House – Peter Palumbo. Palumbo is a 14-year incumbent at the State House. It should be noted that Palumbo has been nicknamed “the Octopus” because, in 2005, he was caught voting for two other legislators who weren’t in the House chamber at the time. I was extremely impressed with DeGenova’s comments regarding what kind of Democratic Party he belives in. His beliefs stand in stark contrast to those of the conservative DINO Palumbo.

  2. Palumbo is not “anti-immigrant”-this term is used ad nauseum and does not reflect his position.Palumbo is very hard line anti illegal alien.illegal aliens are not immigrants.Immigrants are persons lawfully admitted for permanent residence who can legally work and reside here permanently.They can become citizens.They cannot vote or hold public office unless they naturalize.These last points are the only legal difference they have from citizens.They can, however be deported if convicted of certain crimes.
    I am not 100% on board with every aspect of Palumbo’s legislation,but it isn’t anti-immigrant.
    The “octopus’ incident is old news.How does it compare with Sen.Paiva-Weed killing a vote on legislation supported by a majority of the Senate?She was obstructing the democratic process.That is at least as,if not more serious.

  3. I agree Joe.

    First, Palumbo is for and has worked hard on:

    Sex Offender Notification Reform and Justice

    Autism / Mercury (thimerosal 49.6& ethylmercury)out of shots


    Immediate notification to Police when a crime of abuse is committed at a Nursing Home (currently, only needs to be reported to staffing)

    Stopping a cement plant from being built on wetlands in Cranston.

    I could fill a page of many of the wonderful issues Palumbo has worked on. I also agree that I don’t agree with everything, I know he is dedicated to those he serves and challenges others to do the hard work and get things passed that will make RI better.

    As far as the “Octopus” term – Ha! I see this more as a multitasker….if you know Peter or have worked with him, he’s all over the place trying to make a difference.

    They just made an example of him because he’s taken them to task too many times on issues and they wanted to send him a message that they don’t like his loud mouth whisle blowing and pressure. Happens all the time on different levels. He was allegedly caught doing something inappropriate, something I am told that is done…however, this Voting issue became an awakening call.

    Money is NOT the tell tale sign of strength on how one is doing. I told Napolitano not too long ago at the last Pawtuxet River cleanup when he said he was going to run for re-election that it doesn’t matter if he raised more than Palumbo because Palumbo has name recognition by the people – something I said you never had…

  4. I totally forgot about the fact that he and Sen.Doyle put through the best bill for protection of children from pedophiles one could want.Much more important than anything to do with illegal aliens.Only Reps.Handy and Ajello voted against it in the whole General Assembly-a rare show of unanimity in a contentious assemblage of people.Oh,yes-Steven Brown of the ACLU opposed it.What else is new?Nobody’s perfect-all I have to do is look in the mirror for proof,but Palumbo has his heart in the right place.

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