Maybe He Wanted It to be a Surprise

President Bush, remember him? After Black Monday he was expected to put his foot down, and tell the nation that there was no more funny money being printed up to bail out the stock market. They were going to have to take their losses like us peasants. But something caused a U-turn

WASHINGTON (AP) — With little explanation, President Bush on Tuesday scrapped a statement he planned to give on the tumultuous financial markets, abandoning any press coverage of his meeting with key economic advisers as more developments roiled Wall Street.

As announced by the White House, Bush was scheduled to make comments to a pool of reporters after huddling with a key financial working group led by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Its members include Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and other key government figures in the field of commerce.

Yet after the session began, the White House told the press never mind. Spokesman Tony Fratto said only: “We decided it would be best to limit public comment about markets today.” He declined to offer any explanation about why limiting Bush comment would be best, or why on this particular day.

Well, that was yesterday. Today I am thrilled to find out that my tax dollars have bought me a 1/3,000,000 interest in AIG. I can’t wait for the dividends to start rolling in. Happy days are here again.

5 thoughts on “Maybe He Wanted It to be a Surprise

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  2. I’m not an economist. It’s just funny to hear them talk about personal responsibility for individuals foreclosed out of their house, and then see this. I’ve heard that if you lose a million dollars it’s your problem. If you lose a billion dollars it’s everyone’s problem.

  3. “We decided it would be best to limit public comment about markets today.�

    What the heck is this? Limit public comments on markets?

    You know what that’s like. That’s like being in the middle of a military engagement and you ask the general, “Sir, what’s our next move?” And he replies, “I’ve decided it would be best to limit comments on our current circumstance today.”

    …Explosions off in the distant…

    …I’ve thought long and hard the last four years about if I had the chance would I have voted for Kerry – who I am just about as polar opposite to but who could not possibly be as bad a manager as GW – and today for the first time, I think this just tipped the scales in Kerry’s favor.

    I mean you gotta be kidding me? What kind of asinine comment was that?!

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