Obama HQ Reopens

The Barack Obama for President campaign headquarters reopened last night at 321 S.Main St. in Providence. The rally was not held in the office. There were too many people to fit so they set up a stage across the street in the park by the Providence River.

I can’t estimate a crowd, especially when I’m in the middle of it, but organizers were signing people in, so we should have a number — it was big.

‘Diverse’ is such a cliche. There was a mix of people I have never seen at one event. Young and old, Irish and Cape Verdean, old hippies, young students and women in business suits talking into cellphones. There were white-haired brahmin Yankees and people just off work. I ran into Stan Israel from S.E.I.U., Sen. Rhoda Perry and Edith Ajello, my friend Karen, a retired nurse, and I saw a Tai Chi teacher in the crowd, as well as a semi-famous artist. I said hi to my friend Carol, who is one of the dreaded ‘community organizers’.

Things ran mostly on schedule, the setting sun put a limit on how long the speeches could run. Among them were Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressman Pat Kennedy, Congressman James Langevin, and Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts. She was great. If it snows, I would count on her.

Organizers were signing people up to work the phone banks and canvass in New Hampshire. There’s high energy and lots to do. If you want to be a part of it, find out more here.


3 thoughts on “Obama HQ Reopens

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  2. I am much more disturbed by the fct that Joe Biden helped a great deal in pushing through a bill that screwed ordinary citizens who filed bankruptcy,making sure that usurious credit card companies could still wring the last drop of blood out of the distressed consumer(when irresponsible CEO’s get millions)and then it seems his son is a lobbyist for the credit card trade organization.
    Credit has been shoved in peoples faces for a long time now,practically strongarming them to get in over their heads with deceptive introductory offers.Did Biden address that sleazy sales tactic?No.
    I automatically shred credit offers and I have one card-period.I use it for gas also,so why have a gas card?I never pay a fee or a penny interest and get back some nice bonus gift cards.Not everyone has the time to figure out how much trouble they will get into.
    I rambled on here,I know-but “Troopergate” seems like small potatoes compared with complicity in hurting millions of regular working people.

  3. News flash for the obsessed-with-Sarah-Palin crowd. Cranston is going broke — again!

    Do the liberals on this blog have nothing to offer on the subject?

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